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Clinton's participation to the Haitian Reconstruction

President Martelly, it would be a HUGE mistake to remove Bill Clinton from the reconstruction efforts in Haiti. The Bill Clinton name has been associated with Haiti reconstruction efforts and that has helped raise so MUCH money for the country. It... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 04 december 2011-Part A-1

◙ tdn-com ▬24 November 2011.► The biggest obstacle facing the new reconstruction panel is Haiti's Parliament. Martelly and lawmakers have routinely lashed out at each other since the Absent Haiti quake panel slows reconstruction more »

Haiti Reconstruction,100 Million Euros.

This is very interesting to read, The new designated PM says,Haiti need 15 billion dollars just the other day. Green bucks ap'p tonbe tankou lapli. more »

By Conquest or by Consent?

Are we serious! Another American Occupation is that what we're working towards. It's so obvious that history is repeating its self. This reconstruction of Haiti is not going to happen by consent and if it did; not a democratic consent (the people)... more »


Deux ans après le séisme, il est clair que la reconstruction du pais revient a nous Haïtiens. Les promesses des autres pays restent que des projets de bonne intension durant un moment de grands émotions. Pour cette noble tache... more »

RE: Haitian Diaspora Contributions to Haiti.

This is a good idea, After the earthquake that happened in 2010 in Haiti, all haitians who are working overseas should contribute to the reconstruction of Haiti. They will have to make sure that the money is spent wisely in every department, not... more »

RE: Clinton's participation to the Haitian Reconstruction

Haiti needs 3 governors to promote the reconstruction of Haiti in each department, the North, the South, West and East. Every town of Haiti need hotels with vans for tourists transportation. Haiti needs airports in the North, South and Port au... more »

About Haiti's reconstruction !

Mr President, What I'd like to see taking place is the immediate reconstruction of the Palace followed by the Cathedral. Those two projects could create numerous jobs. Beside, they are symbols that could reenergize a population " deprimee"... more »

Lancement officiel des travaux de reconstruction du Palais National

Port-au-Prince, mardi 21 Août 2012 : Le Bureau de Communication de la Présidence informe la population en général et la Presse en particulier que les travaux de reconstruction du Palais National, détruit lors du tremblement... more »

Haiti development and reconstruction funds

Haiti needs a development and reconstruction funds to get out of unemployment and to build affordable housing for the Haitians living under the tents since the earthquake. We are asking all Haitians working overseas to give $1 every payday to... more »