Insecurity in Haiti

Yves Francois Benoit - July 14 2013, 6:26 PM

Can anyone tells me if it is the right time to retire in Haiti?

I understand that the national police is doing their best because they are ill equiped and have limited personnels.

UN is runing Haiti for a long time, I just don't understand their mission, are they there for ever, are they trainning young brothers and sisters, are they in the process to rebuild our armed forces?

I'd like to return home

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Joseph Unelus says...

You can always retire peacefully in Haiti anytime you want to retire. There is security in the provinces of Haiti. If you are a law abiding person, you do not get involved in wrongdoings, Haiti is your home. Find yourself a good province to reti more »

Joseph Unelus says...

If you are planning to retire, make Haiti your home for retirement. You can always find a good province with hospitals, ambulance, good churches, electricity, recreation centers, clean beaches, lots of fruits and vegetables, post offices, money tran more »